Thursday, February 21, 2013

Theta Digital Goes Digtal in a Powerful Way

Theta Digital has yet to post a press release for it, but according to this Stereophile article, they were showing the new Prometheus class-D amplifier at CES 2013.  

No idea what it sounds like.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Theta Digital - Supernova Upgradability

One very interesting thing about the back of the Super seen here at Home Theater is the use of thumb screws for each of the four rear panels.  This of course implies a level of biodegradability and interchangeability not seen before below the Casablanca.

Of course, there were some upgrade boards available for the Casanova (at least DTS and Circle Surround), as well as some digital input boards, but AFAIK they all required a trip to the shop. 

Looking at the back of the Supernova, I would be very happy to trade half of those digital inputs for an Ethernet port.  Maybe Theta can pick up some of the designers of the Squeezebox Touch for help with a streaming interface that is Android and iPhone savvy.  Just saying.

Theta Digital - New 3D BluRay - SACD - DVD Player

Somehow I missed this release.  Theta digital announced a new version of the Compli Blu player with 3D support, Internet and DLNA streaming and more. 

Details here:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Theta Digital - Slow and Steady Progress

I won't say that Theta is roaring back, but it is clear that they are making slow but steady progress over the past two years.

Theta finally introduced their HDMI solution for the Theta Casablanca, a modified Oppo Blu Ray player, new digital amplifiers, and have been showing what I would call the successor to the Casanova, the Supernova.  Think of the Casanova with HDMI and more balanced outputs.  If it sounds as good as the original, it's worth the price, regardless of room eq features.

A picture with article may be found here:

The choice to go away from contrasting buttons is a good thing, and if the screen can be completely turned off it really is an upgrade in looks.  While Home Theater mentions the desire for room correction, honestly it's not that big a deal for me.  I'd much rather have an Android remote, and/or network streaming built in.  I've spent a lot of time and effort getting my speakers to sound the way they do, so I'd really rather not fuss with eq's, of any sort, except if I had a subwoofer.  Otherwise, an Android remote would be fantastic.

For those who haven't been reading, I have recently gone from an Emotiva HDMI processor to the Theta Casanova after a listening session with Jazz inclined but not audiophile friends.  With low impedance amps, there was just no contest.  I'd rather listen to BluRay in DD 5.1 and have great music than have mediocre music and movie sound in my setup.