Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yamaha P2100 Upgrade, stage 1

By the numbers:

Items Removed:

  • Over 36" of signal wire from input to volume to DA board.  
  • Stereo / Mono switch and associated parts, including jumper wires and an electrolytic capacitor
  • 5W cement resistor that goes to thermal LED. 
  • Wiring to extra pairs of jacks. 
Items replaced or upgraded:
  • All 14 remaining electrolytic capacitors replaced.  Mostly with Panasonic FM's, but Elna Silmic IIs for the coupling and Nichicons for 220uF axials.  Straight replacements except for 470uF caps in auxiliary power supplies.  Those upsized to 1,000 uF.   Main PS caps Nippon Chemi-Con.
  • Two 1/4" phono jack's replaced with gold plated, non-shorting RCA jacks

Items added: 
  • 4 x 1uF bypass caps for B+ and B- to ground. These are yellow Cornell Dubliner low inductance metal poly.
  • 4 x 0.1uF yellow Cornell bypass caps for Elna coupling caps and 220 uF Nichicons.
  •  6 x 0.1uF red Panasonic metal poly film to bypass remaining electrolytics on DA board. 
  • Shield lift board (see below). 
  • 2 jumpers to short long traces going to stereo/mono switch.