Saturday, March 7, 2015

Go Theta Digital!

Kudos to Theta Digital for releasing the Casablanca III HD and Casablanca IV.   Also, congrats on the review of the beautiful  Prometheus 250W monoblock amps in stereophile.   It seems that the release of the Casablanca IIIHD has uncloged the pipes, so I hope we will see more rapid releases of new products in the coming months.

Since I am among the working poor in San Francisco, I cannot afford any of these, so I was hoping to see news of the replacement of the Casanova, the Supernova soon.  That is where my heart truly lies, but so far no mention of it in over a year.

I'm still stuck with the 16 year old Casanova until someone makes a DAC better than that for less than $2,000.  I'm checking out the NAD M51 soon, will keep you posted.  There's a reason they still sell for $800 on ebay.  They are just that good.