Sunday, April 16, 2017

Focal Mezzo Utopia Be Upgrade Kit

I'm considering offering a modern, luxury upgrade for the Focal Mezzo Utopias.  If you would like more information or want to give me some feedback before I launch the project, please visit me here:

Focal Mezzo Utopia Be Upgrade

Based on previous research into the Profiles, this will probably utilize one of Scanspeak's low-profile Be tweeters.


  1. I might be interested depending on the improvement and the price. I have already changed the capacitors and resistors on my Mezzos and I am looking to improve them still if possible.

  2. What about (the nearly total) lack of bass?

  3. Hi Arne,

    Focal is not above using tricks in their bass to make the speakers seem more "discerning." They deliberately use a low-impedance low-pass filter, forcing users to buy massive amps.

    If I had a schematic of their crossover I could better evaluate this.